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Summit Safety Group specializes in OSHA compliance for organizations that abide by either the General Industry or Construction standards. SSG is a leader in the Midwest, but serves clients throughout the country.

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in OSHA Compliance & Risk Management

Summit Safety Group leads the Midwest & much of North America in providing onsite safety training & safety management solutions, industrial hygiene, workplace assessments, written programs, and OSHA consulting. We understand the complexities facing employers to comply with the federally mandated Occupational Safety and Health Act, and it’s our goal to help you meet that standard. Let SSG guide you in reaching your peak by protecting your workforce, maintaining high compliance standards, decreasing your overall risk, minimizing worker’s compensations claims, and reducing liability.

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Core OSHA Training

The 1910 &1926 OSHA standards are vast.  We have the knowledge & experience to focus on training pertinent to you & your employees.  We aim to keep you compliant while keeping your employees safe.

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Specialty Classes

These are services that often require additional training above & beyond your regular safety program.  OSHA 10&30, HAZWOPER & various other site-specific requirements are common examples.

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Testing & Sampling

The EPA & Industrial Health arm of OSHA are in full swing & are routinely checking to see if employers are meeting the requirements of Personal Exposure Limits pertaining to hazardous substances.  Let us keep you compliant.

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OSHA Hearings & Fine Reduction

We deal with OSHA on a weekly basis on behalf of our clients.  We have a history of dramatically reducing citation violations & associated fines.  We have experience working from the Informal Hearing to full blown court cases.

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Safety Manual Development

Develop & maintain customized policies & procedures for  your safety manual.  As an active client, we will maintain the current standards & best practices within your written programs

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We have a bias for action. We act fast with clear priorities. We value speed, but take time to reflect when required.


We value diversity of thought. We believe that a variety of ideas encourages newer and more forward-thinking solutions. We leverage unique talents and insights.


We love our team. We support each other and ask for help when we are stuck. We value a good laugh during and outside of work. And yes, you can wear your pink unicorn suit to work.

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