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Summit Safety Group provides comprehensive certification training for operators of forklifts, aerial lifts, scissor lifts, and other equipment regulated by OSHA. Our mission is to ensure that your employees are not only certified/re-certified, but also equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate equipment safely and efficiently.

Why Certification Training is Essential

OSHA requires operators of forklifts, aerial lifts, scissor lifts, and similar equipment to undergo specific training and obtain certification. A National Emphasis Program (NEP) has been in place for several years to ensure that operators are aware of the safety risks associated with equipment operation and know how to mitigate these risks effectively. Certification training reduces the likelihood of workplace accidents, enhances operational efficiency, and ensures compliance with federal regulations, thereby protecting both employees and employers from potential fines and liabilities.

Our Certification Training Services

Comprehensive Training Programs: Our training programs are designed to meet OSHA's certification requirements. They include:

  • Theoretical Instruction: Covering equipment-specific safety guidelines, operational procedures, and the principles of safe equipment operation. This instruction also addresses the recognition and avoidance of potential hazards related to equipment operation and the hazards of your site.
  • Practical Training: Hands-on training where participants operate the equipment under the guidance of our competent instructors. This element ensures that operators gain practical experience in the hazards associated with their site-specific conditions and equipment.
  • Evaluation: To receive certification, operators must pass a driver evaluation, demonstrating their general understanding of the equipment’s operation and safety procedures. We do not assess their level of expertise, but rather their basic competency to be an operator. Sometimes further site specific training is recommended to increase an employee’s skill of operation.

Site-Specific Training Solutions:

Each site is different and the equipment type also varies. This is why we provide a truly OSHA compliant training and certification program that addresses these site-specific regulations and requirements.

Our flexible scheduling options ensure minimal disruption to your operations, with training available at our partner rental equipment facilities or on-site at your location or job site.

Benefits of Our Training

  • Compliant with OSHA Requirements: Ensuring that your equipment operators are properly trained and certified helps your business comply with OSHA regulations, avoiding potential fines and legal issues.
  • Enhanced Site Safety: Our equipment training programs are designed to significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries by operators and pedestrians, creating a safer work environment for all employees.
  • Increased Productivity: Certified operators use equipment more efficiently, contributing to improved operational productivity, sustained maintenance, and reduced equipment downtime.

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