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Summit Safety Group specializes in delivering comprehensive industrial hygiene services designed to protect the health and safety of your workforce while ensuring your operations meet stringent regulatory standards. Our expertise in industrial hygiene has made us the trusted partner for some of North America’s largest businesses, including several Fortune 500 companies. From the proposal process to finalizing the reports, we assist in identifying, evaluating, and providing critical data your operations need in order to keep your team safe.

Our Approach

Our approach to industrial hygiene is proactive and preventative. We understand that every workplace is unique, which is why we tailor our services to meet the specific hazardous exposures present in your operations. If you don’t quite know where to start, that’s ok. We can always hop on the phone or a quick video chat to talk through your site-specific exposures.

Services Offered

  • Onsite Noise Exposure Assessments: Excessive noise in the workplace can lead to hearing loss and other health issues. Our experts conduct comprehensive assessments to evaluate noise levels by area or job description, identify any employees at risk, and can recommend effective control measures to reduce exposure.

    We evaluate which employees/job descriptions may need to be added to a hearing conservation program. We also assess which employees may be required to wear hearing protection based on the noise exposure data.
  • Air Sampling Surveys: We assess the presence and concentration of airborne contaminants, including dust, chemicals, gases, fumes, and vapors that could impact employee health and safety. Our surveys are essential for assessing exposure levels and implementing strategies to improve air quality and employee health.
  • Combustible Dust and Go/No-Go Testing: Our go/no-go testing service for combustible dust offers a straightforward and reliable solution for assessing the risk of dust combustion in your facility. This essential evaluation identifies whether specific types of dust present in your environment—such as wood, grain, metal, or plastic particles—pose a combustion risk under normal operational conditions.

Customer-Centric Reporting

One of our beliefs is that industrial hygiene reports should be more than just data compilations. We strive to produce reports and results that are not only accurate and compliant with regulatory standards but also digestible for our customers. Our reports provide clear, actionable insights that can be immediately applied to enhance safety protocols and operations, ensuring a safer work environment.

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